Digital Storytelling Introduction
How to Use Digital Storytelling in Your Classroom
Elements of a Good Digital Story

Examples of Digital Storytelling Student Projects

Storytelling Techniques

Storyboard Practice Activity - Storyboard a scene from a favorite movie!
Storyboarding Template
Other Storyboarding Ideas:
Use Powerpoint to create the storyboard
Use a Comic Creator to create a storyboard

Technology & Learning Copyright & Fair Use for Teachers Matrix
Education World Educatorʻs Guide to Copyright & Fair Use

Guidelines for Shooting Video
Basic Shot Types
Rule of Thirds

Project Resources
CyberSmart Africa
Epals Digital Storytelling Lesson Plan
Discovery Education Resources

More Resources
Ellenʻs Pinterest
Royalty Free Music
Center for Digital Storytelling

Storyboard Rubric
Digital Storytelling Rubrics:

iMovie 11 Handouts
Intermediate Features
Advanced Features